Next Trip: Travis Wetland

Where: Travis Wetland, information centre (see maps below) When: Monday 23 July 2018, 10 am until about 12 This is a freshwater wetland; gumboots recommended. Our meeting location is marked with a purple pin on the maps below: What to bring: * Sensible clothing (sturdy footwear, hats etc.) * Any food or drink you might... Continue Reading →

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Kairaki, Trip #73

Our site this week was on the coast, where the Waimakariri River empties into the ocean. It is relatively cold here just now (June), so we didn't find large numbers of insects; but we did find some, plus a few other creatures. It was a beautifully sunny day - which we appreciated after a large... Continue Reading →

Barnett Valley, Trip #72

We explored a short way up the Eastenders track, then looked at an eroding face at the bottom of the valley. The Port Hills has a layer of loess (deposits of windblown silt) over volcanic rock that readily erodes. Below is some of what we saw: Animals Alexander beetle This beetle was on the track... Continue Reading →

Scavenger Hunt Mk II, Trip #71

More rain, so we had another session exploring the natural history drawers. There is a list of the categories we used here. Everyone chose their favourite item as well, and they were all very different.

Insect Hotels, Trip #70

"Wellcum all ye bugs" It was too wet for a trip, so in anticipation of spring, we made insect hotels. These have small holes and crevices, suitable for some insects to use as homes. The likely future residents include native wasps, solitary bees and spiders. Between us, we assembled about 10 hotels and will be... Continue Reading →

303 Radcliffe Road, Trip #69

In May, we searched in and around the small lowland stream that runs through the reserve at 303 Radcliffe Rd.   We found quite a few different creatures. Below is some of what we saw - arranged in approximate order from the top of the water, then moving deeper: Retoreto This is a native fern... Continue Reading →

Bottle Lake Forest, Trip #67

May is a good time of year to find fungi, so we went to Bottle Lake Forest to see what we could find beneath the radiata pine trees. There were fungi, and also quite a few (mainly small) animals. Below is some of what we saw. Fungi   Lichen Animals Springtails Insects Millipedes & Centipedes... Continue Reading →

Microscope, Trip #66

Due to the weather, we had an inside session, which included using a stereo microscope. We connected a phone camera to one of the objectives, so we didnt actually use it in stereo mode. Instead we were able to send the view through the microscope to a screen (using 'airplay') so everyone could see. The... Continue Reading →

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