Brooklands Lagoon, Trip #15

Brooklands Lagoon is northeast of Christchurch and has tidal mudflats surrounded by salt marsh. Beyond the salt marsh there are sand dunes. We visited the mid-west edge, via Earlham Road. Animals Many birds use the area. On this trip we noticed pied stilts, black swans, shags, swallows, a kingfisher and several Australasian harriers. There was evidence of... Continue Reading →


Critter Club #15 Photo Highlights

This critter club was to Brooklands Lagoon. I got some pretty nice photos. Enjoy 😀 Spider Slater 😀 I found this trip very fun. I look forward to the next one! CM

Otukaikino Wetland, Trip #14

We had an enjoyable trip to Otukaikino Wetland last week. The boardwalk through the middle was flooded, but there is still good access to much of the site. Animals We saw some aquatic insects, including water boatmen and ripple bugs (similar to one of our Travis Wetland trips). There were also many small midge-like insects flying about... Continue Reading →

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