Micro-world, Trip #22

We hired a set of 10 stereo microscopes from Science Alive!, to look more closely at what we found last week in the Avon River. The microscopes magnify 20x. One of our group also has a microscope that can magnify 40x, and this was set up for taking photographs. Thanks to the magic of computers, it was possible to take what was... Continue Reading →


Avon River (Little Hagley Park), Trip #21

We visited a site in Little Hagley Park with easy access to the river, just east of Fendalton Road. Animals There were quite a few different animals in the water. The largest were fish. Aquatic invertebrates were also common. There were adult damselfly flying about as well. There were many insects on the banks as well.... Continue Reading →

Taylor’s Mistake Rock Pools, Trip #20

At low tide there are rock pools exposed along the beach at Taylor's Mistake. There was an abundance of different creatures in a small area. Here are some of the creatures we saw: Some of the animals in rock pools look quite like plants, such as sea anemones that are a type of animal called a Cnidarian. This feeding... Continue Reading →

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