This club has been formed for members of Canterbury Home Educators, with an interest in natural history.

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To have field trips together to explore nature. We may also have the occasional meeting – to look at photos, or to learn how to make equipment etc.

You are very welcome to just show up, but if you are thinking of coming, we recommend you send us an email (critterclub@urbeco.com) so we can update you easily on any last minute changes to our plans.

Any participant is welcome to contribute blog posts.


Any interested CHE members are welcome – trips are suitable for all ages.

We have weekly field trips, exploring local nature; animals, plants, fungi, geology etc. Trips are to nearby locations, such as the Port Hills, wetlands, forest, grasslands, and the coast.

Trips are on Monday mornings, from 10-12. Details of upcoming trips, and trip reports, are posted here.

Also,  please note,  children need to be with a parent/guardian.

Ideas about what to bring on field trips

  • Sensible clothing (sturdy shoes, hats etc.)
  • Any food or drink you might want
  • Camera
  • Notebook and pencil(s)
  • Observations containers
  • Identification books/apps
  • Magnifying glass
  • Collecting net
  • Binoculars
  • Suggestions for other locations to visit

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