Discovery Centre, Trip #61

The forecast was for heavy rain and wind, so we headed to our local museum. They have a Discovery Centre, which is something of a wonderland of natural history items. There is so much there that it can be difficult to know where to start, so we made a list of things to find.   We... Continue Reading →


North New Brighton, Trip #60

On our most recent trip to the beach we saw several creatures we hadn’t seen before. We focused on the intertidal zone - the part that is covered and uncovered with seawater several times each day. The water temperature was 14oC. Kouraura / Ghost Shrimp This chap was buried in the sand. The NZ marine life... Continue Reading →

“Weekly” *news

spoiler's definitely not weekly *not much news involved either Well it's the one hundredth post I am not going to pretend that this isn't an excuse to get post 100. That cyclone thing was a near miss, pretty heavy rainfall. I think we could try doing some Andy Goldsworthy type art next time we... Continue Reading →

John Britten Reserve, Trip #59

  Earlier this week we spent a scenic morning on the Port Hills, at John Britten Reserve. Below is some of what we saw: Animals Orbweaver spider Garden orbweb spider Jumping spider This spider was dark grey and very flat - it kept disappearing into this crack. Flesh flies There were quite a few flies... Continue Reading →

Critter Club News #1

So this is my new idea, a weekly critter news post (it's in the reminders app!). I'll probably just post anything interesting that comes up here. Cicadas We all love our cicadas right? The yearly cuteness bundles with wings that make our heads hurt! Well it's about time for them to be in season, you... Continue Reading →

Waimakariri River, Trip #56

We had another enjoyable trip to the Waimakariri River, and finally managed to be there on a warm sunny day (27 Nov 2017). We spent less time looking for aquatic species, and more on the terrestrial creatures that are active on sunny days. Beetles One of the showiest critters we saw on this occasion were... Continue Reading →

Taylors Mistake 4-12-17

There were so many awesome critters in the water today, but I managed to find some winged beasts to photograph. Especially fun to watch was a pair of welcome swallows and their babies in the nest. After some scolding, the mum returned to the nest while dad kept an eye on me.

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