Taylor’s Mistake Rock Pools, Trip #57

Every time we visit the rock pools at Taylor's Mistake we find species that we haven't seen before. Here is some of what we saw on this occasion - in approximate order of size, from smallest to largest: Isopods Sea slater These sea slaters are less than 1 cm long. This one appeared to be feeding... Continue Reading →


Waimakariri River, Trip #56

We had another enjoyable trip to the Waimakariri River, and finally managed to be there on a warm sunny day (27 Nov 2017). We spent less time looking for aquatic species, and more on the terrestrial creatures that are active on sunny days. Beetles One of the showiest critters we saw on this occasion were... Continue Reading →

Taylors Mistake 4-12-17

There were so many awesome critters in the water today, but I managed to find some winged beasts to photograph. Especially fun to watch was a pair of welcome swallows and their babies in the nest. After some scolding, the mum returned to the nest while dad kept an eye on me.

Jollies Bush, Trip #55

Jollies Bush is a small (1.1 ha) remnant of native forest on the Port Hills. There was an impressive variety of ferns under the trees, and also a native orchid. Below is some of what we saw. Plants Greenhood orchid New Zealand has more than 160 native orchids - you can see most of them... Continue Reading →

Waimakariri River, Trip #54

Mid-November we re-visited a site on the Waimakariri River, that we had enjoyed in winter - to see if it would be very different in late spring. Our starting point was the end of Weedons Ross Rd. A highlight was seeing several of the endangered bird species that make their home on braided rivers. SP has posted... Continue Reading →

Bowenvale Park Pond, Trip #53

In October (2017) we made the most of a warm sunny day to visit a small pond on the Port Hills. We had nets for catching creatures in the water, and also for those flying about. The highlights of this trip were dragonflies, damselflies and tadpoles. Dragonflies & damselflies Dragonflies and damselflies are closely related,... Continue Reading →

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