Jollies Bush Reserve 20-11-17

We had a lovely view of Taylor's Mistake from Jollie's Bush Reserve. There were lots of birds to be seen, as well.


Waimakariri River, Trip #54

Mid-November we re-visited a site on the Waimakariri River, that we had enjoyed in winter - to see if it would be very different in late spring. Our starting point was the end of Weedons Ross Rd. A highlight was seeing several of the endangered bird species that make their home on braided rivers. SP has posted... Continue Reading →

Bowenvale Park Pond, Trip #53

In October (2017) we made the most of a warm sunny day to visit a small pond on the Port Hills. We had nets for catching creatures in the water, and also for those flying about. The highlights of this trip were dragonflies, damselflies and tadpoles. Dragonflies & damselflies Dragonflies and damselflies are closely related,... Continue Reading →

Upcoming Trip: Jollies Bush

Where: Jollies Bush Scenic Reserve, Port Hills (see maps further down) When: Monday 20 November 2017, 10 am until about 12 This is remnant of forest on the Port Hills, accessible from the Summit Road. I don't think you can get there via Dyers Pass Rd - use Evans Pass. Meeting location is shown with... Continue Reading →

Mt Vernon Valley, Trip #52

In October (2017) we wandered up the track from the end of Hillsborough Rd, along Mt Vernon Valley. The area has native bush, mixed exotic & native grassland, and rocky bluffs. Below is some of what we saw: Animals Crane flies The larvae of at least some craneflies are aquatic, which may explain the cluster... Continue Reading →

Upcoming: Waimakariri River

Where: Waimakariri River (see maps below) When: Monday 6 November 2017, 10 am until about 12 The Waimakariri River is a braided river, with lots of channels and islands to explore. We visited this site before in May, so it will be interesting to see if we find different critters with the warmer weather. Access is at the... Continue Reading →

Sign of the Bellbird, Trip #51

The 'Sign of the Bellbird' was built in 1914, as a tearooms and caretakers cottage. There are several photos of the building here and here. It is on the edge of Kennedys Bush Reserve. In September (2017) we explored a very small area around the building site, including the short ‘totara walk’. Below is some of... Continue Reading →

West Melton Forest, Trip #48

In August (2017), we visited West Melton Forest, which  is a fairly small area of exotic forest (Radiata pine), off Chattertons Road. Pines were originally planted to assist in flood protection. There is an interesting aerial view of the stopbanks in a short video here The forest has a minimal understorey of other plants; yet there... Continue Reading →

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