303 Radcliffe Road, Trip #69

In May, we searched in and around the small lowland stream that runs through the reserve at 303 Radcliffe Rd.   We found quite a few different creatures. Below is some of what we saw - arranged in approximate order from the top of the water, then moving deeper: Retoreto This is a native fern... Continue Reading →


Mt Vernon Valley, Trip #52

In October (2017) we wandered up the track from the end of Hillsborough Rd, along Mt Vernon Valley. The area has native bush, mixed exotic & native grassland, and rocky bluffs. Below is some of what we saw: Animals Crane flies The larvae of at least some craneflies are aquatic, which may explain the cluster... Continue Reading →

Horseshoe Lake Reserve, Trip #44

Horseshoe Lake is a former meander of the Avon River, which eventually became cut off. Following the earthquakes, it has become generally wetter. We visited this site in July (2017). Below is some of what we saw. Animals We used a microscope (20-40 x magnification) to look at some of the water. There were lots... Continue Reading →

The Groynes, Trip #42

The natural parts of the Groynes include waterways and associated wetlands. The waterways include the Otukaikino Stream, and they all ultimately feed into the Waimakariri River, a short distance to the north. There are also areas of restored native bush. We visited this site in June (2017); below is some of what we saw. Birds... Continue Reading →

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